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Spatial Days Ltd was founded in 2010 to provide vendor-neutral Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and remote sensing consultancy and services to customers in the UK public and private sector and elsewhere.

We offer mapping services and resources for anywhere in the world and at any scale.  The map data we produce is delivered as digital data, hardcopy maps or via web GIS (API) services.  Our recent mapping work has been done for areas of the UK, France, Malaysia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Honduras, Colombia and Fiji covering themes as diverse as political boundaries, voting patterns, census statistics, crime incidents, terrorism incidents, security incidents, activism, rioting occurrences, tribal lands, religious boundaries and various natural geo-hazards and perils (e.g. floods, droughts, deforestation sea-level rise, tsunamis etc).

We offer vendor-neutral consulting services to help our customers make best use of available spatial data, products and services within their organisations.  We can also help to spatially enable customer business data and unlock its full potential.  The consultancy we offer varies from a 'light touch' approach involving the provision of specialist advice as needed through to full-time consultancy roles within organisations.

We help our customers conceptualise, design, build and operate web-based geo-information and mapping systems and API's.  We either undertake the required work ourselves or we provide specialist staff to fill specific roles in the customers’ team.  Our systems work is done using the Agile SCRUM methodology so rapid progress is made, prototypes are quickly available and mapping solutions that meet your requirements are rapidly developed.

We are delighted to be working as a Project Partner on the UKSA CommonSensing Project where we are providing solution architecture, technical management and technical support.

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