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The Satellite Applications Catapult is responsible for the project management, user experience design, data products and development, infrastructure, sustainability support and communications for the IPP CommonSensing project.  

Project Management
From their office in Harwell, UK, the Catapult is responsible for ensuring that all elements of the project are delivered to scope budget and schedule. The project has over 50 individual work-packages and ensuring all of the deliverables from within these are on time and to the highest quality is also key, these then feed into the QPM’s (Quarterly Progress Meetings) with the UKSA.  

The Project Management team also supports in ensuring the wider project team can collaborate and work together effectively, linking in with the key focal points in the three target countries and assisting in working out logistics as well as providing overall support in stakeholder management and engagement.

User-Centred Design   
Representatives from the Catapult’s User Centred Design (UCD) team have been involved in CommonSensing since the beginning in early 2018.  

During the initial scoping mission, the team planned and run a series of consultations across the three nations’ government stakeholders, compiling a comprehensive landscape analysis that detailed end-user processes, challenges and needs, and highlighted opportunity areas for the CommonSensing system to address such needs.  

On the back of this research, the team has been involved throughout the whole process of bringing the idea from a concept to reality, running specific consultations and workshops with in-Country stakeholders to refine scope and design, and determine the specific use cases for the end product.  

As the project approaches its last year, the team has been working alongside the front-end development team, to ensure that the interface functionalities and user experience are relevant to the needs and requirements highlighted during research stage.  

Design is also at the core of testing the various iterations of the platform, gathering and interpreting user feedback to inform iterations in the development, following an agile methodology.  

Geospatial Intelligence
The Catapult’s Geospatial Intelligence team, comprising of Earth Observation and GIS specialists and software engineers are providing expertise on the design, development and application of Earth Observation and geospatial data, products and services and the creation and deployment of a decision support platform.

There is a focus on how these geospatial data and tools can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and facilitate increased access to Climate Finance to assist in climate change adaption in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. The team are preparing Analysis Ready Data to CEOS specification and building an OpenDataCube, furthermore the datacube is being used to develop EO products and services for the SIDS.  

The Catapult supports the countries and project consortium in developing a viable sustainability model and roadmap to ensure project impacts last and get expanded beyond the project end.

One key focus area is linking the data and tools with the country’s climate finance processes and strengthen the climate finance capacity building activities of the project. 

The project communications are managed by the Catapult’s in-house communications team who are aiming to ensure that the CommonSensing project is well recognised within the geospatial and development communities both at home and in the South Pacific.

They are responsible for coordinating the project consortium’s efforts and engaging with media agencies to ensure the production of engaging and informative content as the project progresses.  

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