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Based in Exeter, the Met Office are responsible for providing climate information and building capacity in national met services and priority sectors to maximise the benefit of using historic climate information (climatologies) and climate projections for the region.

Climate data will be provided by the Met Office to the platform being developed by the Satellite Applications Catapult and accessed by key stakeholders. Climate data will also be used as the basis for deriving regionally focussed training materials for the training activities being led by the Met Office.

The types of data provided will include gridded observational datasets at monthly and daily resolution, derived data products, future climate information, and future climate summaries.

In addition to the climate data, the Met Office capacity development activities consist of three training interventions designed to help overcome gaps in knowledge and skills in the climate and meteorological officers at the national meteorological services. The three learning interventions are: 

  • Workshop 1: to assist specialist users in using climate information, targeted at National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (Fiji, October 2019)
  • Workshop 2: on pulling through climate information for decision-making, targeted at priority sectors and led by NMHS (Vanuatu, February 2020)
  • E-learning to support use of climate information in the South Pacific, targeted at climate officers and sector users required to use climate information (online platform, March 2020)
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