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Devex are responsible for producing content and events to highlight the CommonSensing project and raise awareness of the challenges faced by small island nations as a result of climate change and access to data to support decision-making and policy development. 

Based in Barcelona and Washington D.C., the Devex team support starting conversations around the CommonSensing and small island nations from within the development communities through the production of articles, videos, podcasts, and thought leadership events. 

The first content series produced by Devex as part of the CommonSensing project is Turning the Tide, which focuses on the impacts of climate change on small island nations and how innovative solutions and satellite technology can help build resilience and prepare some of the world's most vulnerable communities for the challenges ahead.

In October 2019, Devex hosted a Turning the Tide event in London where the High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from the Republic of Fiji was present and gave a speech highlighting the impact that climate change and rising sea levels are having on the coastal communities in Fiji. The second Turning the Tide event will take place in Washington D.C. in April 2020 and will focus on access to climate finance. 

The Turning the Tide series also includes a podcast called Climate Champions, and has so far featured interviews with Suzanne Stanley, Chief Executive Office at the Jamaica Environment Trust, and Anote Tong, former President of the Republic of Kiribati. 

Launched in February 2020, the second content series produced by Devex as part of the project is Data for Development. Data for Development focuses on the availability of data and capacity to use data to create meaningful information to drive policies, and how this is fundamental to tackling many global development and humanitarian issues. This series explores the practical ways that satellite data can be harnessed to support the work of development professionals and aid workers. It will outline some of the existing challenges that currently hinder the application of space technology in international development, and shine a spotlight on some of the strategies to make data more usable for the sector in the future.

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